it's about Financial independence, quitting the survival mode and being smart with money, health, and relationships

My portfolio updates, financial and life advises

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Who I am?
It’s Alpha here , living in eastern Europe. I strongly believe in living a successful balanced life that comes with financial freedom.
PhD researcher in biomedical engineering, an online entrepreneur , and  FI seeker.
I talk & coach men about financial freedom, Personal finance, online business, health and relationships.

I share my journey and help others find theirs

Starting from my investment portfolio updates to my different life topics.
I share my journey to the  financial independence life I designed for myself where I’m building my empire and help others build their own.

What is a successful balanced life for an Alpha

The alpha investor is all about freedom and seeing every area of your life as an investment: Your career/business, your health, and your relationships



Budgeting, saving, investing and reaching financial independence  



Positivity, responsibility, purpose and doing what’s right for you 



Clean eating, working out, supplementing and reversing age  



Filtering, selecting, and maintaining frame 

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