Master your personal finance Workshop – Budapest (Spending, saving & Budgeting)

I conducted a workshop about mastering personal finances where I shared some useful information and knowledge on how to manage money in a very practical and efficient way

Date and place

Thursday, November 5, 2020, Budapest 


This workshop was for people interested in how to improve their financial habits, establishing a budget, and setting themself up for a brighter financial future?

This workshop provided them with the knowledge, skills, and tools You need to take control of your money, both practically and emotionally.

This workshop was designed for anyone who:
🔹 Would like to explore their relationship with and attitudes towards money and how to handle it
🔹 Is seeking to understand how to control their finances more effectively
🔹 Needs advice on budgeting and managing their money
🔹 Worried about or struggling with their financial situation



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