February 2020 Portfolio update

Dear fellow investors, ladies and gentlemen, friends and family. This month was a good mixture of negatives and positives.
The Negative side is because the stock market is going down followed by my portfolio due to the coronavirus situation, and the positive side is that, it was a great buying opportunity for investors like me as most stocks were in a good discount.
I will start by highlighting the main things that happened:

  • My stock portfolio got hit hard with the coronavirus situation
  • I created a second stock portfolio which consists of some growing stocks
  • I got my first payments from crowdlending investments
  • I had a 10% increase in my income and my saving rate dropped to 30%.

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My current portfolio

I think I’m happy about the way my portfolio is distributed now because I am almost close to my ideal distribution for the current market situation which is 60% stocks, 30% cash, 5% businesses and 5% other investment opportunities.
The coronavirus panic this month not only affected my stock portfolio but my entire portfolio leaving me behind -3%.

For The Month Of February, The ROI On My entire Portfolio Is -3%

My stock portfolio

February was hard on my portfolio because of the coronavirus.
I added a lot of new holding this month due to the discounts the market provided
I created a new growth portfolio that holds only growth stocks.

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Dividend Stock Portfolio

For The Month Of February, The ROI On My Dividends Stock Portfolio Is -8.04%
Dividends Received: 0.17%

Growth Stock Portfolio

For The Month Of February, The ROI On My Growth Stock Portfolio Is -4.31%
Dividends Received: 0%

More detailed update about my February 2020 Stock Portfolio Update here

Crowdfunding portfolio

I’m still in the testing phase, trying to understand the investing process and the expected returns, so until now I don’t recommend investing big amounts especially after 2 famous platforms recently turned to be a scam and investors lost significant amounts of money.
I changed my plan and I will be willing to put no more than 2-3% of my portfolio diversified on different platforms, different loans.

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I also did some kind of platforms review Here

My strategy is simple: invest in “A” rated loans (low risk) with a minimum of 7% return and a maximum duration of 3-4 months diversified across different loan types, originators, countries, and platforms.
Crowdstor: I invested in 2 projects and both of them paid me interests this month ( +1.37%)
Grupeer: I used auto-invest and I made a mistake by selecting 6-9 months loans, but it is not a huge problem, all loans paid interests this month ( +0.54%)
Mintos: I used auto-invest exactly the way my strategy tells, however, I have 6 out of 20 loans in late payments, the rest paid me normally. ( +0.66%)

For the month of February, The ROI On My crowdLending portfolio is +1.05%

My Businesses

I invested 1.5% of my portfolio on my businesses, Basically, I invested in my future projects, marketing, equipment, and tools.
It is hard to measure the ROI on business, marketing … especially in the short term, so I will be setting it to 0 for a while

For the month of February, The ROI On My business Investments is 0%

My monthly budgeting

My spending on necessities has jumped high from 45% last month to 59%.
I had around a 10% increase in income this month from one of my side hustles, and I was able to save 30%.

My saving rates

I was able to save 30% of my income this month as I said, I felt that could do better but being in the range of 30-50% saved money still pretty good work.
My goal is to save 50% of my income each month and I’m still working on that by consistently increasing my income and lowering my expenses.
The challenging thing about lowering my expenses is that I eat healthily and as you know healthy food is very expensive, it is up to 5 times more expensive than regular food. so my all focus is on increasing my income.

That’s it for this month, I hope you enjoy reading it and was able to take something useful from the information I share.
Please if you have any questions, feedback or anything you want me to cover/ explain, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss any new post

I do not show my portfolio/investments amount numbers $$$, instead, I use percentage, I believe it is easy to understand, follow and apply on your personal portfolio/investment decisions I don’t want to confuse you with bigger or smaller numbers than yours.

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