CrowdLending platforms I invest in

I don’t recommend investing in CrowdLending anymore as the industry is full of scam and each time a new platform vanishes, so stay safe and don’t put a penny in P2P.
I did withdraw all my money and quit this investment forever

After spending a good amount of time in research seeking the best CrowdLending platforms in Europe, finally, I selected 3 platforms to invest my money in based on many factors like investors’ reviews, historically paid loans, and customer service.


Grupeer was founded in 2016 in Latvia and has since given out loans of 16 million EUR to investors from over 60 countries. It offers business and project loans, and projects have an average return of 13%. Currently, Grupeer has funded over 48.000.000 EUR worth of loans. There are over 12.000 investors on the platform from over 80 countries. Grupeer issues all loans in EUR, with a minimum investment of just 25 EUR.
Origin: Latvia
: 2016
Funded loans (cumulative): 51 million EUR
Average annual return: 13.45% pre-tax (self-reported)
Loan originators: +10
Loan types: Business loans and development projects
Investors from: +60 countries
Minimum investment: 25 EUR
Buyback guarantee: Yes
Autoinvest: Yes
Trustpilot TrustScore: 4.0/5


Mintos by far the biggest crowd-lending player in Europe, Their platform is amazing with a full range of advanced functionalities. Mintos have thousands of available personal and business loans with +20 loan originators and keep adding new every month.
Not only has Mintos registered investors all over the world, but they have also won over 12 different awards since 2015! They have won Best Startup Brand in Latvia, Peoples Choice Award at AltFi and much more.
Origin: Latvia
: 2015

Funded loans (cumulative): 2,884 million Euro
Average annual return: 12,23% pre-tax (self-reported)

Loan originators: 20+
Loan types: Personal, business, agriculture, invoice, pawnbroking, car, mortgage, and short-term loans
Investors from: +70 countries
Minimum investment: 10 EUR

Buyback guarantee: Yes
Autoinvest: Yes
Trustpilot TrustScore: 4.4/5


Origin: Estonia
: 201
Funded loans (cumulative): 6 million EUR
Average annual return: 21% pre-tax (self-reported)

Loan originators: 
Loan types:  Business loans and development projects
Investors from: —
Minimum investment: 50 EUR

Buyback guarantee: No but they created their Buyback Guarantee Fund
Autoinvest: No
Trustpilot TrustScore: 4.5/5

So far these are the platforms I decided to invest in, maybe new platforms can be added in the future.
Also As I always said, don’t put more than 5-10% of your portfolio in Crowdlending, it is a very risky investment, even when you see a lot of influencers invest huge amounts in Crowdlending, remember that affiliation commissions play an important role in promoting this type of investments in a biased way.


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