March 2020 Portfolio update

Dear fellow investors, ladies and gentlemen, friends, and family. This is another portfolio update during the pandemic since last month and the new surprise this time is not the stock market, it is crowdlending (p2p) platforms, some of them turned to be a scam, some started acting weirdly and making excuses with the coronavirus situation and a lot of investors lost trust in this kind of investment type.
I will start by highlighting the main things that happened:

  • I didn’t buy or add any new stock/other investment this month
  • My stock portfolio outperformed the market
  • The scam factor in P2P (crowdlending) investment is now exposed
  • I had a 10% increase in my income and my savings rate is 35%.

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My current portfolio

I think I’m happy about the way my portfolio is distributed now because I am almost close to my ideal distribution for the current market situation and just waiting for a good sign to drop 20% of the cash in stocks and buy more of my solid companies.

For The Month Of March, The ROI On My entire Portfolio Is -5%

My stock portfolio

More Detailed update About March 2020 Stock Portfolio Update Here

Dividend Stock Portfolio

For the month of March, the ROI on My dividends stock portfolio is -11.36%

Growth Stock Portfolio

For the month of March, the ROI on My Growth stock portfolio is -7.15%

More detailed update about my March 2020 Stock Portfolio Update here

Crowdfunding portfolio

So after 2 famous platforms, kurtzel and Investio turned to be a scam and investors lost significant amounts of money thankfully not me.
However, This time it is a platform that I personally invested in, which is Grupeer, it is not confirmed yet that it is a scam but all indications lead to that conclusion: a lot of misleading information on their websites, fake loan originators, fake owners, a lot of employees got fired and the last thing they stop paying out their investors.

To get more details about the case, please check this article HERE

For Crowdstor my all loans got delayed and Mintos, some loans got delayed, some not and it is totally expected due to the pandemic.

Crowdstor: (0%)
Grupeer: (0%)
Mintos: ( +0.36%)

I never felt bad or upset when losing money in investing in the past but I will never accept to be scammed. For my part, I lost trust in this kind of investment, this is why I made this decision: I will completely stop investing in P2P and I will take out all of my money if still possible and focus only on real investments like stocks and real estate.

For the month of February, The ROI On My crowdLending portfolio is +0.18%

My Businesses

I invest up to 5% of my portfolio on my businesses, Basically, I invested in my future projects, marketing, equipment, and tools.

My monthly budgeting

My spending on necessities stayed the same as last month.
I had around a 13.6% increase in income this month, and I was able to save 35%.

My saving rates

I was able to save 35% of my income this month as I said, being in the range of 30-50% saved money is pretty good work.
My goal is to save 50% of my income each month and I’m still working on that by consistently increasing my income and lowering my expenses.

That’s it for this month, I hope you enjoy reading it and was able to take something useful from the information I share.
Please if you have any questions, feedback or anything you want me to cover/ explain, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss any new post

I do not show my portfolio/investments amount numbers $$$, instead, I use percentage, I believe it is easy to understand, follow and apply on your personal portfolio/investment decisions I don’t want to confuse you with bigger or smaller numbers than yours.

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