Portfolio update (September)

Dear fellow investors, ladies and gentlemen, friends, and family. This is a new portfolio update since the pandemic started. I bought a large proportion of my stocks back in June, I sold my growth stock portfolio because I lost trust in Revolut investing app and I cash out all that I could from my P2P investments again because I lost trust in the whole industry.
I will start by highlighting the main things that happened:

  • I bought a large proportion of My stock portfolio
  • I bought Apple after the split
  • I sold my stock growth portfolio
  • I withdrew all that I could from P2P

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My current portfolio

As I mentioned in the introduction, I sold my growth stock portfolio with a gain of 25% and I cash out what I could from P2P portfolio and the rest of my money invested in p2p I consider it lost money, So this is the new structure of new porfotlio where I will focus on my stock portfolio and investing in my businesses

My stock portfolio

This Portfolio dividend’s Yield is 3.64%

My New Buys

  • Apple

Top 5 Stocks Based On Performance

  • UPS
  • Microsoft
  • MacDonald
  • Caterpillar
  • Hanesbrands

Top 5 Worst Stocks Based On Performance

  • Park Hotels & resorts
  • Simon Property
  • Magellan Midstream Partners
  • Royal Dutch Shell
  • Enterprise Products partners

What Is My Next Move?

I will just keep doing what I usually doing which is dollar cost averaging, means I will keep buying the same stocks each interval of time (usually 3 months ) and as a long term investor, I don’t really care what is happening in the short term in the market, if my companies have a clean balance sheet I will keep buying them despite what is happening to the economy.

I bought 80% of my stocks back in June, I added Apple stock to my portfolio after the split, and I bought another 25% of my stocks at the end of September.

The ROI on My dividends stock portfolio since inception is -1%

My performance is dragged by the real estate and oil stocks (down 60%), I’m not worried about my negative performance because I know once this pandemic ends my portfolio will sky-rock.

My growth stock portfolio

As I motioned I sold out my new growth stock portfolio I created back in march which contains amazon, google, and Facebook, mainly because I read a lot of negative reviews about the Revolut app, and after doing some researches I found out that it is not a reliable broker to trust so I sold my stocks at a gain of 25%/ which is still amazing for me. and the reason why I used that app because it allowed fractional shares which helps a lot in balancing the portfolio. I will try to publish a more detailed article about Revolut in the near future.

I’m waiting for amazon and google stock to announce a split so I can add them to my portfolio, which makes balancing the portfolio easier.

Crowdfunding portfolio

I completely lost trust in the p2p industry, and the whole image looks scam to me now, companies keep showing red flags one after another and with no regulations, I’m out.

I cash out all my investment from Mintos with the secondary market providing 1% discount. Also, I could take cash out from Crowdstar by providing a 20% discount, and for Grupeer I considered my money lost already.

Crowdfunding held 6.2% from my portfolio and now after cashing out I lost around 1.8%

Crowdstor: (-20%)
Grupeer: (-100%)
Mintos: ( +3.36%)

My Businesses

I invest up to 5% of my portfolio on my businesses, Basically, I invested in my future projects, marketing, equipment, and tools.

My monthly budgeting

My saving rates

That’s it for this time, I hope you enjoy reading it and was able to take something useful from the information I share.
Please if you have any questions, feedback or anything you want me to cover/ explain, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss any new post

I do not show my portfolio/investments amount $$$, instead, I use percentage, First I want to keep it personal, second, I believe it is easy to understand, follow and apply on your personal portfolio/investment decisions in that way.

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