What broker I use (as I live in Europe)

Before I tell you which broker I use, first I will tell you what makes a good broker for me.

A good broker has to match the following criteria:

  • Has a local bank account where I can deposit my money
  • Has low fees
  • Under a stronger regulation

The broker that meets my criteria so far is Degiro, so what is Degiro and why it is good broker.

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About Degiro

Degiro broker is based in Netherland and one of the most famous brokers in Europe won 80 international broker awards with over 1 million investors and has expanded in 18 European countries.

In 2020, Degiro was acquired by the German broker Flatex. So it become Flatex Degiro, and the largest European retail online broker.

Why Degiro?

Following my selection creiteria

  1. In my case, Degiro is registered in Hungary and has a local Hungarian bank account and it’s the same for many European countries where Degiro operates
  2. Degiro has extremely low trading fees, for example, if you buy one US apple stock it will cost you about 0,6 euros (exactly € 0.50 + USD 0.004 per share), if you buy 1 vanguard S&P 500 ETF it will cost you about 2.1 euros (exactly € 2.00 + 0.03%) and for more details about the exact trading fees click here.
    It has a list of 200+ free ETFs which you can buy for absolutely free (there are terms and conditions that you need to fulfill in order to benefit from the free ETF’s offer, more details to be found in this link click here )
  3. They are regulated by the German financial regulators Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin) which is a very strong regulation in my opinion (you can see it here )

So if you are like me value these criteria, Degiro will be the perfect choice for you

In the following post/video I will walk you through the process of how to buy Etf’s for totally free along with my best ETFs selection

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Disclaimer: Investing involves risk of loss

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